Europe's biggest vertical urban farming project

Located on the rooftop of a complex formerly used by Phillips Television and Phone division as an industrial production facility, De Schilde is projected to become the “Times Square of Urban Agriculture” according to the Swiss company behind its development: Urban Farmers (Urban Farmers, 2014).

The project features a production system based on aquaponics production techniques and will grow vegetables as well as fish, for individual consumers, supermarkets and local restaurants. Aside from the actual production of food the project will also provide a showcase for the technologies used in its production system, and serve as a platform for the urban farmers company to engage with the horticulture cluster sector in the Westland area, which is located just outside the city of The Hague.

Mark Durno, who will be general manager at De Schilde once the projects development is complete, has been interviewed as a project leader with regard to this case.

Both Ed de Jager, who is engaged in the development of urban agriculture in a broader sense on behalf of the municipality of The Hague, and Arjen Koene, who specifically support the entrepreneurs who aim to develop urban agriculture projects within the “De Schilde” on behalf of the municipality, are very busy with developing De Schilde.

For further information:
Ed de Jager   tel: 0031-652534027